Part # AD9775 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9975 14-Bit 160 MSPS 2×/4×/8× Interpolating Dual TxDAC+ Digital-to-Analog Converter Data Sheet (Rev. E)

Part Details:

14-Bit, 160 MSPS, 2×/4×/8× Interpolating Dual TxDAC+® Digital-to-Analog Converter AD9775 FEATURES Versatile input data interface 14-bit resolution, 160 MSPS/400 MSPS input/output Twos complement/straight binary data coding data rate Dual-port or single-port interleaved input data Selectable 2×/4×/8× interpolating filter Single 3.3 V supply operation Programmable channel gain and offset adjustment Power dissipation: 1.2 W @ 3.3 V typical f On-chip, 1.2 V reference S/4, fS/8 digital quadrature modulation capability Direct IF transmission mode for 70 MHz + IFs 80-lead, thin quad flat package, exposed pad (TQFP_EP) Enables image rejection architecture APPLICATIONS Fully compatible SPI® port Excellent ac performance Communications SFDR: -71 dBc @ 2 MHz to 35 MHz Analog quadrature modulation architecture W-CDMA ACPR: -71 dB @ IF = 19.2 MHz 3G, multicarrier GSM, TDMA, CDMA systems Internal PLL clock multiplier Broadband wireless, point-to-point microwave radios Selectable internal clock divider Instrumentation/ATE Versatile clock input Differential/single-ended sine wave or TTL/CMOS/LVPECL compatible FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM IDAC COS AD9775 HALF- HALF- HALF- BAND BAND BAND GAIN OFFSET DAC DAC DATA FILTER1* FILTER2* FILTER3*

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AD9775.pdf Datasheet