Part # ADG428 AD429 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADG428/ADG429 LC2MOS Latchable 4-/8-Channel High Performance Analog Multiplexers Data Sheet (Rev. C)

Part Details:

a LC2MOS Latchable 4-/8-Channel High Performance Analog Multiplexers ADG428/ADG429 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMS 44 V Supply Maximum RatingsVSS to VDD Analog Signal RangeLow On Resistance (60 typ) ADG428 ADG429 Low Power Consumption (1.6 mW max) S1 S1A Low Charge Injection (<4 pC typ) DA Fast Switching S4A Break-Before-Make Switching Action D Plug-In Replacement for DG428/DG429 S1B APPLICATIONS DB S8 S4B Automatic Test EquipmentData Acquisition SystemsCommunication Systems DECODERS/DRIVERS DECODERS/DRIVERS Avionics and Military Systems LATCHES LATCHES Microprocessor Controlled Analog Systems WR RS WR RS Medical Instrumentation A2 A1 A0 EN A1 A0 EN GENERAL DESCRIPTION PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS The ADG428 and ADG429 are monolithic CMOS analog 1. Extended Signal Range multiplexers comprising eight single channels and four differen- The ADG428/ADG429 are fabricated on an enhanced tial channels respectively. On-chip address and control latches LC2MOS process, giving an increased signal range that ex- facilitate microprocessor interfacing. The ADG428 switches one tends to the supply rails. of eight inputs to a common output as determined by the 3-bit

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