Part # MAX8647-MAX8648 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8647 8 DS

Part Details:

19-0790; Rev 1; 9/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Ultra-Efficient Charge Pumps for Six White/RGB LEDs in 3mm x 3mm Thin QFN MAX8647/MAX8648 General Description Features The MAX8647/MAX8648 drive up to six white LEDs or Six Adaptive Current Regulators two sets of RGB LEDs with regulated constant current Independent Voltage Supply for Each LED for display backlight and fun light applications. By utiliz- Individual LED Brightness Control (MAX8647) ing an inverting charge pump and extremely low-dropout adaptive current regulators, these ICs achieve 24mA to 0.1mA Dimming Range very high efficiency over the full 1-cell Li+ battery volt- I2C Interface (MAX8647) age range and even with large LED forward voltage Serial-Pulse Dimming Logic (MAX8648) mismatch. The 1MHz fixed-frequency switching allows ±2% Accuracy, ±0.4% Matching (typ) for tiny external components. The regulation scheme is Low 70µA Quiescent Current optimized to ensure low EMI and low input ripple. The Low 1µA Shutdown Current MAX8647/MAX8648 include thermal shutdown, open-and short-circuit protection. Inrush Current Limit The MAX8647 features an I2C serial port, while the TA Derating Function Protects LEDs MAX8648 features a three-wire serial-pulse logic inter- 16-Pin, 3mm x 3mm Thin QFN Package face. Both devices support independent on/off anddimming for main and subbacklights. The dimming Ordering Information ranges are pseudo-logarithmic from 24mA to 0.1mAand off in 32 steps. Both devices include a temperature PIN TOP PKG derating function to safely allow bright 24mA full-scale PART DIMMING PACKAGE MARK CODE output current setting while automatically reducing cur-rent to protect LEDs at high ambient temperatures M A X8 6 4 7 E TE + I2C interface 16 Thi n QFN- E P * AFD T1633- 5 above +60°C. The MAX8647/MAX8648 are available in a 16-pin, 3mm S eri al -p ul se M A X8 6 4 8 E TE + 16 Thi n QFN- E P * AFE T1633- 5 l ogi c

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