Part # TDA7562 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Multifunction quad power amplifier with built-in diagnostics features

Part Details:

TDA7562 MULTIFUNCTION QUAD POWER AMPLIFIER WITH BUILT-IN DIAGNOSTICS FEATURES s DMOS POWER OUTPUT MULTIPOWER BCD TECHNOLOGY s HIGH OUTPUT POWER CAPABILITY 4x25W/ 4 @ 14.4V, 1KHZ, 10% THD, 4x35W EIAJ MOSFET OUTPUT POWER STAGE s MAX. OUTPUT POWER 4x60W/2 s FULL I2C BUS DRIVING: ­ ST-BY­ INDEPENDENT FRONT/REAR SOFT PLAY/ MUTE ­ SELECTABLE GAIN 30dB - 16dB (FOR LOW NOISE LINE OUTPUT FUNCTION) FLEXIWATT27 (Vertical) ­ I2C BUS DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS s FULL FAULT PROTECTION s DC OFFSET DETECTION Bridge type of car radio amplifier in Flexiwatt27V s FOUR INDEPENDENT SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION package specially intended for car radio applica-tions. Thanks to the DMOS output stage the s CLIPPING DETECTOR PIN WITH TDA7562 has a very low distortion allowing a clear SELECTABLE THRESHOLD (2%/10%) powerful sound. This device is equipped with a full s ST-BY/MUTE PIN diagnostics array that communicates the status of s ESD PROTECTION each speaker through the I2C bus.The possibilityto control the configuration and the behaviour of DESCRIPTION the device by means of the I2C bus makes The TDA7562 is a new BCD technology Quad TDA7562 a very flexible machine. BLOCK DIAGRAM CLK DATA VCC1 VCC2 ST-BY/MUTE Thermal CD_OUT Clip I2CBUS Protection Reference Detector Mute1 Mute2 & Dump IN RF F OUT RF+ 16/30dB Short Circuit OUT RF-

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