Part # AD9241 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9241 Complete 14-Bit 1.25 MSPS Monolithic A/D Converter

Part Details:

a Complete 14-Bit, 1.25 MSPS Monolithic A/D Converter AD9241 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Monolithic 14-Bit, 1.25 MSPS A/D ConverterLow Power Dissipation: 60 mW CLK AVDD DVDD DRVDD Single +5 V Supply SHA Integral Nonlinearity Error: 2.5 LSB VINA MDAC1 MDAC2 MDAC3 Differential Nonlinearity Error: 0.6 LSB VINB GAIN = 16 GAIN = 8 GAIN = 8 Input Referred Noise: 0.36 LSB 5 4 4 CML A/D A/D A/D A/D Complete: On-Chip Sample-and-Hold Amplifier and CAPT 5 4 4 4 Voltage Reference CAPB DIGITAL CORRECTION LOGIC Signal-to-Noise and Distortion Ratio: 78.0 dB 14 VREF OUTPUT BUFFERS OTR Spurious-Free Dynamic Range: 88.0 dB SENSE BIT 1 Out-of-Range Indicator (MSB) 1V MODE Straight Binary Output Data SELECT

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AD9241.pdf Datasheet