Part # LM79L15 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM320L LM79LXXAC Series 3-Terminal Negative Regulators

Part Details:

LM320L/LM79LXXAC March 2006 LM320L/LM79LXXAC Series3-Terminal Negative RegulatorsGeneral Description TO-92 package, 8-lead SOIC package, and the 6-Bumpmicro SMD package. The LM320L series is available in the The LM320L/LM79LXXAC dual marked series of 3-terminal 3-lead TO-92 package. negative voltage regulators features fixed output voltages of For output voltage other than -5V, -12V and -15V, the -5V, -12V, and -15V with output current capabilities in LM137L series provides an output voltage range from 1.2V Series excess of 100mA. These devices were designed using the to 47V. latest computer techniques for optimizing the packaged ICthermal/electrical performance. The LM79LXXAC series,even when combined with a minimum output compensation Features capacitor of 0.1µF, exhibits an excellent transient response, n Preset output voltage error is less than ±5% overload, 3-T a maximum line regulation of 0.07% V /V, and a maximum O line and temperature load regulation of 0.01% V /mA. O n Specified at an output current of 100mA erminal The LM320L/LM79LXXAC series also includes, as self- n Easily compensated with a small 0.1µF output protection circuitry: safe operating area circuitry for output capacitor transistor power dissipation limiting, a temperature indepen- n Internal short-circuit, thermal and safe operating area dent short circuit current limit for peak output current limiting, protection and a thermal shutdown circuit to prevent excessive junction n Easily adjustable to higher output voltages temperature. Although designed primarily as fixed voltage Negative n Maximum line regulation less than 0.07% V /V regulators, these devices may be combined with simple OUT n Maximum load regulation less than 0.01% V /mA external circuitry for boosted and/or adjustable voltages and OUT currents. The LM79LXXAC series is available in the 3-lead n See AN-1112 for micro SMD considerations Typical Applications Adjustable Output Regulator Regulators Fixed Output Regulator 00774801 00774803 *Required if the regulator is located far from the power supply filter. A 1µF -V0 = -5V - (5V/R1 + IQ) · R2,

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