Part # LMH6672 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6672 Dual, High Output Current, High Speed Op Amp

Part Details:

LMH6672 April 2004 LMH6672 Dual, Dual, High Output Current, High Speed Op AmpGeneral Description Features High The LMH6672 is a low cost, dual high speed op amp capable n High Output Drive of driving signals to within 1V of the power supply rails. It 19.2 V differential output voltage, R = 50 PP L features the high output drive with low distortion required for 9.6 V single-ended output voltage, R = 25 PP L Output the demanding application of a single supply xDSL line n High Output Current driver. ±200 mA @ V = 9 V , V = 12V O PP S When connected as a differential output driver, the LMH6672 n Low Distortion can drive a 50 load to 16.8 V swing with only -98 dBc 105 dB SFDR @ 100 kHz, V = 8.4 V , R = 25 PP O PP L distortion, fully supporting the peak upstream power levels 98 dB SFDR @ 1MHz, V = 2 V , R = 100 O PP L Current, for upstream full-rate ADSL. The LMH6672 is fully specified n High Speed for operation with 5V and 12V supplies. Ideal for PCI modem 90 MHz 3 dB bandwidth (G = 2) cards and xDSL modems. 135 V/µs slew rate n Low Noise Applications

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