Part # LM432 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM432 Dual Op Amp with On-Chip Fixed 2.5V Reference

Part Details:

LM432 July 2001 Dual LM432Dual Op Amp with On-Chip Fixed 2.5V Reference Op General Description Features Amp The LM432 integrates two operational amplifiers and one Dual Op Amp Circuitry 2.5V reference. The reference is based on the LMV431 (Typical for V = 5V) S adjustable shunt regulator with the output voltage adjusted n Input offset voltage 0.6mV with to a fixed 2.5V. The Op Amps are similar to the LM358 with n Input offset current 1nA a common-mode input range that includes ground. Integrat-ing the reference and Op Amps creates a solution for low n Input bias current 3nA On-Chip cost charging applications. n Common-mode input voltage range 0V to V -1V S n Power supply current 150µA Applications Reference Circuitry n Reference voltage 2.5V n Low cost charging circuitry n Reference voltage deviation (-40°C to 85°C) 4mV n Power supplies and adapters n Sink Current Capability 0.2mA to 10mA Fixed Connection Diagram Application Circuit 2.5V 8-Pin SOIC Reference 10139002 Optocoupler Driver Circuit for Power Supply Isolation 10139001 Top View Ordering Information Package Part Number Package Marking Transport Media

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