Part # 74LS244 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: 54LS244 DM74LS244 Octal TRI-STATE(RM) Buffers Line Drivers Line Receivers

Part Details:

54LS244DM74LS244 August 1989 54LS244 DM74LS244 Octal TRI-STATEBuffers Line Drivers Line Receivers General Description Y Typical IOL (sink current) 54LS 12 mA These buffers line drivers are designed to improve both the 74LS 24 mA performance and PC board density of TRI-STATE buffers Y Typical I drivers employed as memory-address drivers clock drivers OH (source current) 54LS b12 mA Octal and bus-oriented transmitters receivers Featuring 400 mV 74LS b15 mA of hysteresis at each low current PNP data line input they Y Typical propagation delay times provide improved noise rejection and high fanout outputs Inverting 10 5 ns and can be used to drive terminated lines down to 133X Noninverting 12 ns TRI-STATE Features Y Typical enable disable time 18 ns Y Typical power dissipation (enabled) Y TRI-STATE outputs drive bus lines directly Inverting 130 mW Y PNP inputs reduce DC loading on bus lines Noninverting 135 mW Y Hysteresis at data inputs improves noise margins Connection Diagram BuffersLine Dual-In-Line Package DriversLine TL F 8442 ­ 1 Order Number 54LS244DMQB 54LS244FMQB 54LS244LMQB DM74LS244WM or DM74LS244N Receivers

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