Part # ADSP-2101 AD2103 AD2105 AD2115 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADSP-21xx ADSP-2100 Family DSP Microcomputers

Part Details:

ADSP-2100 Family a DSP Microcomputers ADSP-21xx SUMMARY FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 16-Bit Fixed-Point DSP Microprocessors with On-Chip Memory Enhanced Harvard Architecture for Three-Bus MEMORY FLAGS DATA ADDRESS (ADSP-2111) GENERATORS PROGRAM PROGRAM DATA Performance: Instruction Bus & Dual Data Buses SEQUENCER MEMORY MEMORY DAG 1 DAG 2 Independent Computation Units: ALU, Multiplier/ EXTERNAL ADDRESS Accumulator, and Shifter BUS PROGRAM MEMORY ADDRESS Single-Cycle Instruction Execution & Multifunction DATA MEMORY ADDRESS Instructions On-Chip Program Memory RAM or ROM PROGRAM MEMORY DATA & Data Memory RAM DATA MEMORY DATA Integrated I/O Peripherals: Serial Ports, Timer, EXTERNAL DATA Host Interface Port (ADSP-2111 Only) BUS ARITHMETIC UNITS SERIAL PORTS HOST TIMER INTERFACE FEATURES ALU MAC SHIFTER SPORT 0 SPORT 1 PORT 25 MIPS, 40 ns Maximum Instruction Rate (ADSP-2111)

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ADSP-2101 AD2103 AD2105 AD2115.pdf Datasheet