Part # ADP3522 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADP3522 GSM Power Management System Data Sheet (REV. 0)

Part Details:

GSM Power Management System ADP3522 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Handles all GSM Baseband Power Management6 LDOs Optimized for Specific GSM Subsystems VBAT VBAT2 VRTCIN Li-Ion Battery Charge FunctionOptimized for the AD20msp430 Baseband ChipsetReduced Package Size: 5 mm 5 mm LFCSP-32 POWER-UP SIM VSIM APPLICATIONS LDO SEQUENCING GSM/GPRS Handsets PWRONKEY AND SIMVSEL PROTECTION DIGITAL ROWX LOGIC VCORE CORE LDO GENERAL DESCRIPTION PWRONIN ANALOG The ADP3522 is a multifunction power system chip optimized VAN LDO for GSM/GPRS handsets, especially those based on the AnalogDevices AD20msp430 system solution with 1.8 V digital TCXOEN TCXO VTCXO baseband processors, such as the AD6525, AD6526, and LDO SIMEN AD6528. It contains six LDOs, one to power each of the critical MEMORY GSM subblocks. Sophisticated controls are available for power- RESCAP VMEM LDO up during battery charging, keypad interface, and RTC alarm.The charge circuit maintains low current charging during the RTC VRTC LDO initial charge phase and provides an end of charge (EOC) signalwhen a Li-Ion battery is being charged. This product also meets REF the market trend of reduced size with a new LFCSP package. REFOUT BUFFER Its footprint is only 5 mm 5 mm and yet offers excellent ther- RESET mal performance due to the exposed die attached paddle.

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