Part # AD7634 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7634 18-Bit 670 kSPS Differential Programmable Input PulSAR ADC Data Sheet (Rev. 0)

Part Details:

18-Bit, 670 kSPS, Differential Programmable Input PulSAR® ADC AD7634 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Multiple pins/software-programmable input ranges TEMP REFBUFIN REF REFGND VCC VEE DVDD DGND 5 V (10 V p-p), +10 V (20 V p-p), ±5 V (20 V p-p), OVDD AGND AD7634 ±10 V (40 V p-p) REF OGND AVDD AMP Pins or serial SPI®-compatible input ranges/mode selection SERIAL DATA PDREF REF PORT Throughput PDBUF SERIAL CONFIGURATION 670 kSPS (warp mode) IN+ PORT 18 SWITCHED D[17:0] 570 kSPS (normal mode) CAP DAC IN­ BUSY 450 kSPS (impulse mode) RD INL: ±1.5 LSB typical, ±2.5 LSB maximum (±9.5 ppm of FSR) PARALLEL CLOCK CS INTERFACE 18-bit resolution with no missing codes CNVST D0/OB/2C Dynamic range: 102.5 dB PD CONTROL LOGIC AND CALIBRATION CIRCUITRY D1/A0 RESET SNR: 101 dB @ 2 kHz

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AD7634.pdf Datasheet