Part # AD766 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD766 16-Bit DSP DACPORT

Part Details:

a 16-Bit DSP DACPORT AD766 FEATURESZero-Chip Interface to Digital Signal Processors FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Complete DACPORT® On-Chip Voltage ReferenceVoltage and Current Outputs Serial, Twos-Complement Input 3 V Output Sample Rates to 390 kSPS94 dB Minimum Signal-to-Noise Ratio­81 dB Maximum Total Harmonic Distortion15-Bit Monotonicity 5 V to 12 V Operation 16-Pin Plastic and Ceramic PackagesAvailable in Commercial, Industrial, and Military Temperature Ranges APPLICATIONSDigital Signal ProcessingNoise CancellationRadar JammingAutomatic Test EquipmentPrecision Industrial Equipment The serial interface consists of bit clock, data, and latch enable Waveform Generation inputs. The twos-complement data word is clocked MSB firston falling clock edges into the serial-to-parallel converter, con-sistent with the serial protocols of popular DSP processors. The PRODUCT DESCRIPTION input clock can support data transfers up to 12.5 MHz. The The AD766 16-bit DSP DACPORT provides a direct, three- falling edge of latch enable updates the internal DAC input reg- wire interface to the serial ports of popular DSP processors, in- ister at the sample rate with the sixteen bits most recently cluding the ADSP-2101, TMS320CXX, and DSP56001. No clocked into the serial input register. additional "glue logic" is required. The AD766 is also com- The AD766 operates over a ± 5 V to ± 12 V power supply range. plete, offering on-chip serial-to-parallel input format conver- The digital supplies, +V sion, a 16-bit current-steering DAC, voltage reference, and a L and ­VL, can be separated from the analog signal supplies, +V voltage output op amp. The AD766 is fabricated in Analog S and ­VS, for reduced digital crosstalk. Separate analog and digital ground pins are also pro- Devices BiMOS II mixed-signal process which provides bipolar vided. An internal bandgap reference provides a precision volt- transistors, MOS transistors, and thin-film resistors for preci- age source to the output amp that is stable over temperature and sion analog circuits in addition to CMOS devices for logic. time. The design and layout of the AD766 have been optimized for ac Power dissipation is typically 120 mW with ± 5 V supplies and performance and are responsible for its guaranteed and tested 300 mW with ± 12 V. The AD766 is available in commercial 94 dB signal-to-noise ratio to 20 kHz and 79 dB SNR to (0°C to +70°C), industrial (­40°C to +85°C), and military 250 kHz. Laser-trimming the AD766 s silicon chromium thin- (­55°C to +125°C) grades. Commercial and industrial grade film resistors reduces total harmonic distortion below ­81 dB parts are available in a 16-pin plastic DIP; military parts pro- (at 1 kHz), a specification also production tested. An optional cessed to MIL-STD-883B are packaged in a 16-pin ceramic linearity trim pin allows elimination of midscale differential

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