Part # LM63 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM63 ±1°C ±3°C Accurate Remote Diode Digital Temperature Sensor with Integrated Fan Control

Part Details:

LM63 May 2003 ±1°C/ LM63 ± ±1°C/±3°C Accurate Remote Diode Digital Temperature 3°C Sensor with Integrated Fan Control Accurate General Description n 10 bit plus sign remote diode temperature data format, with 0.125°C resolution The LM63 is a remote diode temperature sensor with inte- n SMBus 2.0 compatible interface, supports TIMEOUT grated fan control. The LM63 accurately measures: (1) its n LM86-compatible pinout own temperature and (2) the temperature of a diode-connected transistor, such as a 2N3904, or a thermal diode n LM86-compatible register set commonly found on Computer Processors, Graphics Pro- n 8-pin SOIC package Remote cessor Units (GPU) and other ASIC s. The LM63 remotetemperature sensor s accuracy is factory trimmed for the Key Specifications series resistance and 1.0021 non-ideality of the Intel® 0.13µm Pentium® 4 and Mobile Pentium 4 Processor-M thermal j Remote Diode Temp Accuracy (with quantization diode. The LM63 has an offset register to correct for errors error) caused by different non-ideality factors of other thermal di- Ambient Diode I Max Diode PWML odes. For the latest information contact Version Temp Temp Max Error [email protected] 30 to 50°C 60 to 100°C 5 mA LM63C ±1.0°C The LM63 also

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