Part # MAX5902-MAX5903 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5902 3 DS

Part Details:

19-1988; Rev 3; 1/07 +72V, SOT23/TDFN, Simple Swapper Hot-Swap Controllers MAX5902/MAX5903 General Description Features The MAX5902/MAX5903 are hot-swap controllers that Wide +9V to +72V Operation allow a circuit card to be safely hot plugged into a livebackplane without causing a glitch on the power-sup- Requires No External Sense Resistor ply rail. These devices operate from +9V to +72V and Drives External p-Channel MOSFET provide the simplest hot-swap solution by eliminating allexternal components except the external p-channel Limits Inrush Current MOSFET. Circuit-Breaker Function The MAX5902/MAX5903 limit the inrush current to the Less than 2mA Quiescent Current load and provide a circuit-breaker function for overcurrentprotection. During startup the circuit-breaker function is ON/OFF Input Permits Load Power-Supply disabled and the MAX5902/MAX5903 limit the inrush cur- Control and Sequencing rent by gradually turning on the external MOSFET. Oncethe external MOSFET is fully enhanced, the circuit-break- Adjustable Undervoltage Lockout er function is enabled and the MAX5902/MAX5903 pro- Power-Good Output with +72V Rating vide overcurrent protection by monitoring the voltagedrop across the external MOSFET s on-resistance. Latching or Automatic Retry Fault Management The MAX5902/MAX5903 include an undervoltage lock- Thermal Shutdown Helps Protect the External out (UVLO) function, ON/OFF control input, and a MOSFET power-good status output, PGOOD (MAX5902) orPGOOD (MAX5903). A built-in thermal shutdown fea- Available in Two Small Packages ture is also included to protect the external MOSFET in 6-Pin TDFN and SOT23 case of overheating. The MAX5902/MAX5903 offer latched or autoretry fault Ordering Information management and are available with 300mV, 400mV or PIN- PKG 500mV circuit-breaker thresholds. Both the MAX5902 and PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE CODE MAX5903 are available in small SOT23 and TDFN pack-ages, and are specified for the extended -40°C to +85°C MAX5902_ _EUT-T+* -40°C to +85°C 6 SOT23-6 U6F+6 temperature range. For specific ordering information, see MAX5902_ _ETT-T+* -40°C to +85°C 6 TDFN-6

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