Part # LM323A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM123 LM323A LM323 3-Amp, 5-Volt Positive Regulator

Part Details:

LM123/LM323A/LM323 April 1998 LM123/LM323A/LM3233-Amp, 5-Volt Positive Regulator General Description An overall worst case specification for the combined effectsof input voltage, load currents, ambient temperature, and The LM123 is a three-terminal positive regulator with a pre- power dissipation ensure that the LM123 will perform satis- set 5V output and a load driving capability of 3 amps. New factorily as a system element. circuit design and processing techniques are used to provide For applications requiring other voltages, see LM150 series the high output current without sacrificing the regulation 3-Amp, adjustable regulator data sheet. characteristics of lower current devices. Operation is guaranteed over the junction temperature range The LM323A offers improved precision over the standard -55°C to +150°C for LM123, -40°C to +125°C for LM323A, LM323. Parameters with tightened specifications include and 0°C to +125°C for LM323. A hermetic TO-3 package is output voltage tolerance, line regulation, and load regulation. used for high reliability and low thermal resistance. The 3 amp regulator is virtually blowout proof. Current limit- 5-V ing, power limiting, and thermal shutdown provide the same Features high level of reliability obtained with these techniques in the olt LM109 1 amp regulator. n Guaranteed 1% initial accuracy (A version) No external components are required for operation of the n 3 amp output current Positive LM123. If the device is more than 4 inches from the filter ca- n Internal current and thermal limiting pacitor, however, a 1 µF solid tantalum capacitor should be n 0.01 typical output impedance used on the input. A 0.1 µF or larger capacitor may be used n 7.5V minimum input voltage on the output to reduce load transient spikes created by fast n 30W power dissipation switching digital logic, or to swamp out stray load capaci- n P+ Product Enhancement tested tance. Regulator Connection Diagram Metal Can Package DS007771-2 Order Number LM123K STEEL, LM323AK STEEL or LM323K STEEL See NS Package Number K02A Order Number LM123K/883 See NS Package Number K02C Typical Applications Basic 3 Amp Regulator DS007771-3

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