Part # STLC5048 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Fully programmable four-channel codec and filter

Part Details:

STLC5048 Fully programmable four-channel codec and filter Features Fully programmable monolithic 4-channel codec/filter Single +3.3 V supply TQFP64 (10x10x1.4mm) A/m law programmable Linear coding (16 bits) option PCM highway format automatically detected: Description 1.536 or 1.544 MHz, 2.048, 4.096, 8192 MHz The STLC5048 is a monolithic fully programmable Two PCM ports available 4-channel codec and filter. It operates with a TX gain programming: 33 dB range; <0.01 dB single +3.3V supply. step The analog interface is based on a receive output RX gain programming: 42 dB range; <0.01 dB buffer driving the SLIC RX input and on an step amplifier input stage normally driven by the SLIC Programmable SLIC input impedance TX output. Due to the single supply voltage a mid- Programmable transhybrid balance filter supply reference level is generated internally by the device and all analog signals are referred to Programmable equalization (frequency this level (AGND). The PCM interface uses one response) common 8 kHz frame sync. pulse for transmit and Programmable time slot assignment receive direction. The bit clock is automatically Digital and analog loopbacks detected between four standards: SLIC control port static (16 I/Os), 1.563/1.544 MHz, 2.048 MHz, 4.096 MHz, dynamic (12 I/Os + 4 CS) 8192 MHz. Built-in test mode with tone generation, MCU Two PCM port are provided: the channels can be access to PCM data connected to port A or/and B. 64 TQFP (10x10mm) package Device programmability is achieved by means of Programmable SLIC line current limitation several registers and commands allowing to set Programmable SLIC off-hook detection the different parameters like TX/RX gains, line threshold impedance, transhybrid balance, equalization (frequency response), encoding law (A/m), time slot assignment, independent channels power up/down, loopbacks, PCM bits offset. The STLC5048 can be programmed via serial interface running up to 8 MHz. One interrupt output pin is also provided. A GUI interface is also available to emulate and program the coefficients for impedance synthesis, echo cancelling and channel filtering. November 2007 Rev 9 1/64

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STLC5048.pdf Datasheet