Part # LM399 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM199 LM299 LM399 Precision Reference

Part Details:

LM199/LM299/LM399 April 2005 LM199/LM299/LM399Precision ReferenceGeneral Description power supplies. Further in many cases the LM199 can re-place references in existing equipment with a minimum of The LM199 series are precision, temperature-stabilized wiring changes. monolithic zeners offering temperature coefficients a factor The LM199 series devices are packaged in a standard her- of ten better than high quality reference zeners. Constructed metic TO-46 package inside a thermal shield. The LM199 is Precision on a single monolithic chip is a temperature stabilizer circuit rated for operation from -55°C to +125°C while the LM299 is and an active reference zener. The active circuitry reduces rated for operation from -25°C to +85°C and the LM399 is the dynamic impedance of the zener to about 0.5 and rated from 0°C to +70°C. allows the zener to operate over 0.5 mA to 10 mA currentrange with essentially no change in voltage or temperaturecoefficient. Further, a new subsurface zener structure gives Features low noise and excellent long term stability compared to n Guaranteed 0.0001%/°C temperature coefficient Reference ordinary monolithic zeners. The package is supplied with a n Low dynamic impedance -- 0.5 thermal shield to minimize heater power and improve tem- n Initial tolerance on breakdown voltage -- 2% perature regulation. n Sharp breakdown at 400 µA The LM199 series references are exceptionally easy to use n Wide operating current -- 500 µA to 10 mA and free of the problems that are often experienced with n Wide supply range for temperature stabilizer ordinary zeners. There is virtually no hysteresis in reference n Guaranteed low noise voltage with temperature cycling. Also, the LM199 is free ofvoltage shifts due to stress on the leads. Finally, since the n Low power for stabilization -- 300 mW at 25°C unit is temperature stabilized, warm up time is fast. n Proven reliability, low-stress packaging in TO-46 integrated-circuit hermetic package, for low hysteresis The LM199 can be used in almost any application in place of after thermal cycling. 33 million hours MTBF at T = ordinary zeners with improved performance. Some ideal A +25°C (T = +86°C) applications are analog to digital converters, calibration stan- J dards, precision voltage or current sources or precision Connection Diagram Metal Can Package (TO-46) 00571714 Top View NS Package Number H04D Ordering Information Order Number Initial Tolerance

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