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Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

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FAN5601 Regulated Step-Do July 2005 FAN5601Regulated Step-Down Charge Pump DC/DC Converter Features Description > 85% Peak Efficiency The FAN5601 is an advanced third generation switched capaci- Low EMI tor step down DC/DC converter utilizing Fairchild s proprietary ScalarPumpTM technology. This innovative architecture utilizes Low Ripple scalar switch re-configuration and fractional switching tech- Output Voltage 1.3V/1.8V wn Char niques to produce low output ripple, low ESR spikes and Input Voltage Range: 2.2V to 5.5V improve efficiency over a wide load range. Output Current: Up to 250mA The FAN5601 produces a fixed regulated output from 2.2V to ±2.5% Output Voltage Accuracy 5V input voltage. Customized output voltages are available in g 30µA Operating Current 100mV increments from 1V to 1.8V. Contact marketing for cus- e I < 1µA in Shutdown Mode tomized outputs. Pump DC/DC Con CC 2MHz Operating Frequency In order to maximize efficiency, the FAN5601 achieves Shutdown Isolates Output from Input regulation by skipping pulses. Depending upon load current, the Soft-Start Limits Inrush Current size of the switches is scaled dynamically, consequently, current spikes and EMI are minimized. An internal soft start circuitry Short Circuit and Over Temperature Protection prevents excessive current drawn from the supply. The device is Minimum External Component Count internally protected against short circuit and over temperature 6-Lead 3x3mm MLP Package conditions. Applications The FAN5601 is available in 6-lead 3x3mm MLP. ScalarPumpTM is a registered trademark of Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation. ver Cell Phones Handheld Computers ter Portable Electronic Equipment Core Supply to Next Generation Processors Low Voltage DC Bus Digital Cameras DSP Supplies Typical Application C = 1µF

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