Part # FDN340P datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FDN340P Single P-Channel, Logic Level, PowerTrench® MOSF

Part Details:

FD September 200 N34 February 2007 0P FDN340PSi ngl e P-Channel , Logic Level , PowerTrench® MOSFET General Description Features Thi s P-Channel Logi c Level MOSFET i s produced · ­2A, 20 V RDS(ON) = 70 m @ VGS = ­4.5 V usi ng Fai rchi ld Semi conductor advanced Power Trench process that has been especi ally tai lored to mi ni mi ze RDS(ON) = 110 m @ VGS = ­2.5 V the on-state resi stance and yet mai ntai n low gate charge for superi or swi tchi ng perf

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FDN340P.pdf Datasheet