Part # ADN2817 AD2818 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADN2817/ADN2818 (Rev. B)

Part Details:

Continuous Rate 10 Mbps to 2.7 Gbps Clock and Data Recovery ICs ADN2817/ADN2818 FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION Serial data input: 10 Mbps to 2.7 Gbps The ADN2817/ADN2818 provide the receiver functions of Exceeds ITU-T jitter specifications quantization, signal level detect, and clock and data recovery for Integrated limiting amplifier continuous data rates from 10 Mbps to 2.7 Gbps. The ADN2817/ 5 mV sensitivity (ADN2817 only) ADN2818 automatically lock to all data rates without the need for Adjustable slice level: ±100 mV (ADN2817 only) an external reference clock or programming. All SONET jitter Patented dual-loop clock recovery architecture requirements are exceeded, including jitter transfer, jitter generation, Programmable LOS detect (ADN2817 only) and jitter tolerance. All specifications are quoted for -40°C to Integrated PRBS generator and detector +85°C ambient temperature, unless otherwise noted. No reference clock required This device, together with a PIN diode and a TIA preamplifier, Loss of lock indicator can implement a highly integrated, low cost, and low power Supports double data rate fiber optic receiver. Bit error rate monitor (BERMON) or sample phase adjust options Rate selectivity without the use of a reference clock The ADN2817/ADN2818 have many optional features available I2C interface to access optional features through an I2C® interface. For example, the user can read back Single-supply operation: 3.3 V the data rate onto which the ADN2817 or ADN2818 is locked, Low power or the user can set the device to lock only to one particular data 650 mW (ADN2817) rate if provisioning of data rates is required. A BERMON circuit 600 mW (ADN2818) provides an estimate of the received bit error rate (BER) without 5 mm × 5 mm 32-lead LFCSP interruption of the data. Alternatively, the user can adjust the data sampling phase to optimize the received BER. APPLICATIONS The ADN2817/ADN2818 are available in a compact 5 mm × SONET OC-1, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, and all associated FEC rates 5 mm, 32-lead, lead frame chip scale package. Fibre Channel, 2× Fibre Channel, GbE, HDTV, and others WDM transponders Regenerators/repeaters Test equipment FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM REFCLKP/REFCLKN (OPTIONAL) LOL CF1 CF2 VCC VEE

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