Part # LM6142QML datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM6142QML 17 MHz Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Operational Amplifiers

Part Details:

LM6142QML November 2005 LM6142QML17 MHz Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Operational Amplifiers 17 General Description Features MHz Using patented new circuit topologies, the LM6142 provides At V = 5V. Typ unless noted. S new levels of performance in applications where low voltage n Rail-to-rail input CMVR -0.25V to 5.25V supplies or power limitations previously made compromise Rail-to-Rail n Rail-to-rail output swing 0.005V to 4.995V necessary. Operating on supplies of 2.7V to over 24V, the n Wide gain-bandwidth: 17MHz (typ) LM6142 is an excellent choice for battery operated systems, n Slew rate: portable instrumentation and others. Small signal, 5V/µs The greater than rail-to-rail input voltage range eliminates Large signal, 30V/µs concern over exceeding the common-mode voltage range. n Low supply current 650µA/Amplifier The rail-to-rail output swing provides the maximum possible n Wide supply range 2.8V to 24V dynamic range at the output. This is particularly importantwhen operating on low supply voltages. n CMRR 107dB Input-Output n Gain 108dB with R = 10k High gain-bandwidth with 650µA/Amplifier supply current L opens new battery powered applications where previous n PSRR 87dB higher power consumption reduced battery life to unaccept-able levels. The ability to drive large capacitive loads without Applications oscillating functionally removes this common problem. n Battery operated instrumentation n Portable sonar n Barcode scanners n Wireless communications Operational n Rail-to-rail in-out instrumentation amps Ordering Information NS Part Number JAN Part Number NS Package Number Package Description LM6142AMJ-QML 5962­9550301QPA J08A 8LD CERDIP Amplifiers

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