Part # BAT54 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

BAT54 Series Small signal Schottky diodes Main product characteristics BAT54ZFILM IF 300 mA (Single) VRRM 40 V SOD-123 C (typ) 7 pF BAT54JFILM Tj (max) 150° C (Single) Features and benefits SOD-323 BAT54KFILM Low conduction and reverse losses (Single) Negligible switching losses SOD-523 Low forward and reverse recovery times BAT54FILM Extremely fast switching (Single) Surface mount device BAT54AFILM Low capacitance diode SOT-23 (Common anode) BAT54SFILM Description (Series) The BAT54 series uses 40 V Schottky barrier BAT54CFILM diodes packaged in SOD- 23, SOD-323, (Common cathode) SOD-523, SOT-23, SOT-323, or SOT-666. Order codes BAT54WFILM(Single) Part Number Marking BAT54CWFILM BAT54FILM D86 (Common cathode) SOT-323 BAT54SFILM D88 BAT54AWFILM BAT54CFILM D87 (Common anode)

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BAT54.pdf Datasheet