Part # Brief SABRE-LL-I datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Combo motor driver

Part Details:

SABRE-LL-I Combo motor driver Data Brief Features Configurable Device 4 Full Bridges to generate ­ Up 2 DC motor drivers and 1 SteppEr Motor Driver or ­ 4 DC motor drivers TQFP64 Exposed Pad Bridges (1 & 2) additional configurations are ­ Super DC ­ 2 Half Bridges ­ 1 super Half Bridge Very low power dissipation in shut-down mode (~35 mW) ­ 2 switches ­ 1 supe r switch Aux features ­ Op amps Bridges (3 & 4) additional configurations are: ­ Comparators ­ Same as Bridges 1&2, listed above; ­ Pass switches ­ 2 Buck Regulators (Bridge 3) ­ Multi-channels 9 bit ADC ­ 1 Super Buck Regulator ­ GPIOs ­ Battery Charger (Bridge 4) One variable voltage Buck switching regulator Description One switching regulator controller One linear regulator SABRe is a new concept of IC in the Motion & Power Supply field. ST aim is to follow the SABRe Bidirectional serial interface specification and to offer to the customer an IC Programmable Watchdog function. with a wide number of features, that can be Integrated power sequencing and supervisory configured and customized: Motor Drivers, functions with fault signaling through serial Regulators, high precision A/D Converter, interface and external reset pin. Operational Amplifiers and Voltage Comparators. Thermal shutdown protection with thermal The start up configuration can be defined by the warning capability. GPIOs and then through the Serial Interface; a customization can be done through a metal layer in order to set more complex functions. Table 1. Device summary Part number

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Brief SABRE-LL-I.pdf Datasheet