Part # LMH6503 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6503 Wideband, Low Power, Linear Variable Gain Amplifier

Part Details:

LMH6503 June 2004 LMH6503 Wideband, Wideband, Low Power, Linear Variable Gain AmplifierGeneral Description Features The LMHTM6503 is a wideband DC coupled differential input V = ±5V, T = 25°C, R = 1k, R = 174, R = 100, A S A F G L V voltage controlled gain stage followed by a high-speed cur- = A = 10, Typical values unless specified. V(MAX) rent feedback Op Amp which can directly drive a low imped- n -3dB BW 135MHz Low ance load. Gain adjustment range is more than 70dB for up n Gain control BW 100MHz to 10MHz. n Adjustment range (typical over temp) 70dB Maximum gain is set by external components and the gain n Gain matching (limit) ±0.7dB Power can be reduced all the way to cut-off. Power consumption is n Slew rate 1800V/µs 370mW with a speed of 135MHz . Output referred DC offset n Supply current (no load) 37mA voltage is less than 350mV over the entire gain controlvoltage range. Device-to-device Gain matching is within n Linear output current ±75mA , 0.7dB at maximum gain. Furthermore, gain at any V is n Output voltage (R = 100) ±3.2V L G Linear tested and the tolerance is guaranteed. The output current n Input voltage noise 6.6nV/ feedback Op Amp allows high frequency large signals (Slew n Input current noise

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