Part # ADXL193 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADXL193 Single-Axis High-g iMEMS Accelerometer Data Sheet (Rev. A)

Part Details:

Single-Axis, High-g, iMEMS® Accelerometers ADXL193 FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION Complete acceleration measurement system on a The ADXL193 is a low power, complete single-axis single monolithic IC accelerometer with signal conditioned voltage outputs that are Available in ±120 g or ±250 g output full-scale ranges all on a single monolithic IC. This product measures Full differential sensor and circuitry for high resistance acceleration with a full-scale range of ±120 g or ±250 g to EMI/RFI (minimum). It can also measure both dynamic acceleration Environmentally robust packaging (vibration) and static acceleration (gravity). Complete mechanical and electrical self-test on digital command The ADXL193 is a fourth-generation surface micromachined Output ratiometric to supply iMEMS® accelerometer from ADI with enhanced performance Sensitive axes in the plane of the chip and lower cost. Designed for use in front and side impact airbag High linearity (0.2% of full scale) applications, this product also provides a complete cost- Frequency response down to dc effective solution useful for a wide variety of other applications. Low noise The ADXL193 is temperature stable and accurate over the Low power consumption (1.5 mA) automotive temperature range, with a self-test feature that fully Tight sensitivity tolerance and 0 g offset capability exercises all the mechanical and electrical elements of the Largest available prefilter clipping headroom sensor with a digital signal applied to a single pin. 400 Hz, 2-pole Bessel filter Single-supply operation The ADXL193 is available in a 5 mm × 5 mm × 2 mm, Compatible with Sn/Pb and Pb-free solder processes 8-terminal ceramic LCC package. APPLICATIONS Vibration monitoring and control Vehicle collision sensing Shock detection FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM VS ADXL193 V TIMING DD

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