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ST Microelectronics


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AN577 APPLICATION NOTE PACKAGING AND SOLDERING METHOD DEVICES IN SMA, SMB AND SMC PACKAGE PACKING Devices in SMA, SMB and SMC package are delivered in standard embossed 12 & 16 mm tape and reel(EIA 481A standards). This packing minimizes handling and is fully compatible with state-of-the-art assembly technology for hy-brid circuits and printed circuit boards. The diodes are pre-orientated and the tape can be used directly on automatic pick and place equipment. Picking up is easy thanks to the rectangular parallelepiped shape. For this, the use of a vacuum chuck isvery efficient due to the flatness of the upper side of the components, thus avoiding air leakage. Figure 1. Epoxy encapsulationcompound Terminal Table 1. Lead frame Copper alloy Top connection Copper alloy Die attach Soft solder alloy Encapsulation high performance epoxy compound UL-94 Lead coating Sn-Pb plating (10% Pb typical) Lead bending suitable with surface mounting techniques (wave or reflow) REV. 2 May 2004 1/6 AN577 APPLICATION NOTE Table 2. Base Film Width Reel Dimensions Case QTY W A B C D E F SMA 5000 12 ± 0.3 12.4 ± 2 18.4 Max 13 100 330 20.2 Min SMB (1) 2500 12 ± 0.2

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