Part # FKN08PN40S datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

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Part Details:

FKN08PN40S -- TRIAC (Silic February 2008 FKN08PN40STRIAC (Silicon Bidirectional Thyristor) Application Explanation· Switching mode power supply, light dimmer, electric flasher unit, hair drier· TV sets, stereo, refrigerator, washing machine· Electric blanket, solenoid driver, small motor control· Photo copier, electric tool on Bidirectional Thyristor) 3 1: T1 2: Gate3: T2 2 1 TO-92 1 2 3 Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta = 25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter Value Rating Units VDRM Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage V Sine Wave 50 to 60Hz, Gate Open 400 V RRM IT (RMS) RMS On-State Current Commercial frequency, sine full wave 0.8 A 360° conduction, Tc= 70 ITSM Surge On-State Current Sinewave half cycle, peak value, 60Hz 8 A non-repetitive I2t I2t for Fusing Value corresponding to halfwave, 0.26 A2s surge on-state current, tp=8.33ms PGM Peak Gate Power Dissipation 5 W PG (AV) Average Gate Power Dissipation 0.1 W VGM Peak Gate Voltage 5

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