Part # AD9218 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9218 10-Bit 40/65/80/105 MSPS 3 V Dual Analog-to-Digital Converter Data Sheet (Rev. C)

Part Details:

10-Bit, 40/65/80/105 MSPS 3 V Dual Analog-to-Digital Converter AD9218 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Dual 10-bit, 40 MSPS, 65 MSPS, 80 MSPS, and 105 MSPS ADC ENCODE A TIMING AD9218 Low power: 275 mW at 105 MSPS per channel On-chip reference and track-and-hold AINA OUTPUT T/H ADC / / D9 300 MHz analog bandwidth each channel REGISTER A TO D0A AINA 10 10 USER SNR = 57 dB @ 41 MHz, Encode = 80 MSPS SELECT NO. 1 REF 1 V p-p or 2 V p-p analog input range each channel INA USER REFOUT REF SELECT NO. 2 3.0 V single-supply operation (2.7 V to 3.6 V) REFINB DATA Power-down mode for single-channel operation FORMAT/ GAIN Twos complement or offset binary output mode AINB T/H ADC / OUTPUT / D9B TO D0B REGISTER Output data alignment mode AINB 10 10

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AD9218.pdf Datasheet