Part # LMV243 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMV243 Single-Channel, Quad-Band GSM Power Controller in micro SMD

Part Details:

LMV243 February 2004 Single-Channel, LMV243Single-Channel, Quad-Band GSM Power Controller inmicro SMDGeneral Description Features The device is intended for use within an RF transmit power (Typical Unless Otherwise Noted) control loop in GSM mobile phones and supports GaAs HBT n 50dB RF detection range (typical) and bipolar RF single supply power amplifiers. The circuit n Support of GaAs HBT, bipolar technology operates with a single supply from 2.7V to 3.3V. Quad-Band n Quad-band operation The LMV243 contains an RF detector, error amplifier, ramp n Shutdown mode for Power Save in Rx slot V/I converter and output driver. The LMV243 input interface n GPRS compliant consists of the RF input, Ramp voltage, and a digital input to n External loop compensation option perform the function "Shutdown/Transmit Enable". The de-vice will be active in the case TX_EN = HI, otherwise, the n Accurate temperature compensation device goes into a low power consumption shutdown mode. n Frequency range is 450MHz to 2GHz During shutdown the output will be in high impedance (tri- n micro SMD package: 1.5mm x 1.5mm x .995mm state). GSM A single external RC combination is used to provide stable Applications operations that accommodates individual PA characteristics. n GSM mobile phone The LMV243 is offered in a 8-bump micro SMD 1.5mm x n AGC for digital audio Power 1.5mm package. This space saving package supports flex- n TDMA RF control ible product placement almost anywhere in the circuitboard. n Wireless LAN Controller Typical Application inmicro SMD 20029034 © 2004 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200290 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 1) Junction Temperature (Note 6) 150°C Max If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, Mounting Temperature LMV243 please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/

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