Part # LM6261 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM6161 LM6261 LM6361 High Speed Operational Amplifier

Part Details:

LM6161/LM6261/LM6361 May 1999 LM6161/LM6261/LM6361High Speed Operational Amplifier General Description n High unity gain freq 50 MHz n Low supply current 5 mA The LM6161 family of high-speed amplifiers exhibits an ex- n Fast settling 120 ns to 0.1% cellent speed-power product in delivering 300 V/µs and50 MHz unity gain stability with only 5 mA of supply current. n Low differential gain <0.1% Further power savings and application convenience are pos- n Low differential phase 0.1° sible by taking advantage of the wide dynamic range in oper- n Wide supply range 4.75V to 32V High ating supply voltage which extends all the way down to +5V. n Stable with unlimited capacitive load These amplifiers are built with National s VIPTM (Vertically In- n Well behaved; easy to apply tegrated PNP) process which provides fast PNP transistorsthat are true complements to the already fast NPN devices. Applications Speed This advanced junction-isolated process delivers high speed n Video amplifier performance without the need for complex and expensive di- n High-frequency filter electric isolation. n Wide-bandwidth signal conditioning Features n Radar Operational n Sonar n High slew rate 300 V/µs Connection Diagrams 10­Lead Flatpak Amplifier DS009057-13 See NS Package Number W10A DS009057-5 See NS Package Number J08A, N08E or M08A Temperature Range Package NSC Military Industrial Commercial Drawing

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