Part # LM615 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM615 Quad Comparator and Adjustable Reference

Part Details:

LM615 December 1994 Quad LM615 Quad Comparator and Adjustable Reference Comparator General Description Features The comparators have an input range which extends to the COMPARATORS negative supply and have open-collector outputs Improved Y Low operating current 600 mA over the LM139 series the input stages of the comparators Y Wide supply voltage range 4V to 36V have lateral PNP input transistors which enable low input Y currents for large differential input voltages and swings Open-collector outputs above Va Y Input common-mode range Vb to (Va b 1 8V) Y The voltage reference is a three-terminal shunt-type band- Wide differential input voltage g 36V gap and is referred to the Vb terminal Two resistors pro- REFERENCE and gram the reference from 1 24V to 6 3V with accuracy of Y Adjustable output voltage 1 24V to 6 3V g 0 6% available The reference features operation over a Y Tight initial tolerance available g 0 6% (25 C) shunt current range of 17 mA to 20 mA low dynamic imped- Y Adjustable Wide operating current range 17 mA to 20 mA ance broad capacitive load range and cathode terminal Y voltage ranging from a diode-drop below Vb to above Va Tolerant of load capacitance As a member of National s Super-BlockTM family the Applications LM615 is a space-saving monolithic alternative to a multi- Y chip solution offering a high level of integration without sac-

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