Part # AD7545 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7545 ds-Not Proofed

Part Details:

a CMOS 12-Bit Buffered Multiplying DAC AD7545 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 12-Bit Resolution RFB Low Gain TC: 2 ppm/ C typ 20 Fast TTL Compatible Data Latches AD7545 Single +5 V to +15 V Supply R Small 20-Lead 0.3" DIP and 20-Terminal Surface Mount 1 OUT 1 12-BIT Packages VREF 19 MULTIPLYING DAC 2 AGND Latch Free (Schottky Protection Diode Not Required)Low Cost 12 Ideal for Battery Operated Equipment WR 17 18 VDD INPUT DATA LATCHES CS 16 3 DGND 12 DB11­DB0 (PINS 4­15) GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD7545 is particularly suitable for single supply operation The AD7545 is a monolithic 12-bit CMOS multiplying DAC and applications with wide temperature variations. with onboard data latches. It is loaded by a single 12-bit wide The AD7545 can be used with any supply voltage from +5 V to word and directly interfaces to most 12- and 16-bit bus systems. +15 V. With CMOS logic levels at the inputs the device dissi- Data is loaded into the input latches under the control of the CS pates less than 0.5 mW for VDD = +5 V. and WR inputs; tying these control inputs low makes the inputlatches transparent, allowing direct unbuffered operation of theDAC. PIN CONFIGURATIONS DIP LCCC PLCC OUT 1 1 20 RFB FB REF FB REF

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AD7545.pdf Datasheet