Part # Brief ST7MDT20-T44DVP datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: QFP44 (10x10) connection kit for ST7MDT20-DVP3

Part Details:

ST7MDT20-T44/DVP TQFP44 (10x10) Connection Kit for ST7MDT20-DVP3 DATA BRIEF The TQFP44 (10x10) Connection Kit (ST7 Figure 2. TQFP44 device adapter (DB544) MDT20-T44/DVP) provides the hardware youneed to connect your ST7MDT20-DVP3 emulatorto your application when debugging applicationsfor ST7 microcontrollers in the TQFP44 (10x10)package. Connection Kit Contents One additional 50-pin flat cable required for connection between emulator and the adapter. TQFP80/64/44 adapter (DB530) ­ Allows the connection of your ST7MDT20-DVP3 emulator to your application board in place of your ST7. TQFP44 (10x10) device adapter (DB544) ­ Figure 3. Connection to application board Adapts the emulator connection to the package of your ST7. Yamaichi TQFP44 socket (IC149-044-052- S5) ­ solders to your application board to allow Orientation connection of the emulator or installation of Indicators your ST7. 3. Plug flat cables into the corresponding connectors J1 and J2 on the adapter For more information... ST7-DVP3 User Manual ­ Information common to all DVP3 series emulators 4. Plug the W1 and W2 ST7MDT20-DVP3 Probe User Guide ­ connectors on the adapter Information specific to ST7MDT20-DVP3 into the corresponding connectors on the device adapter. Figure 1. Flat cable and adapter TQFP 80/64/44 Adapter (DB530) Pin 1 Indicators 2. Align pin 1 indicators, then secure the device adapter to the socket. 1. Solder socket to application board. Additional 50-pin flat cable Rev 1 October 2005 1/3 3 ST7MDT20-T44/DVP Revision history Date Revision Changes 10-October-2005 1 Initial release.

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