Part # Brief STR9-DKRAIS STX-PRORAIS datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Raisonance unlimited development tool packages for STR7 and STR9

Part Details:

STR9-DK/RAIS, STX-PRO/RAIS Raisonance s unlimited development tool bundles for STR7 and STR9 The Professional Kit (STX-PRO/RAIS) and the Figure 1. Professional Kit with RLink STR9 Professional Developer Kit (STR9-DK/RAIS) provide cost-effective, unlimited applicationdevelopment solutions for STMicroelectronicsARM7TDMITM and ARM966ETM core-basedmicrocontrollers. Based on proven software and hardware toolsfrom Raisonance, the tool kits everything requiredto develop STR7/9 applications including in-circuitdebugger/programmer, Raisonance IntegratedDevelopment Environment (RIDE) and GNU C/C++ compiler. In addition the STR9 ProfessionalDevelopment Kit includes extras such asSignum s JTAGjet supporting execution trace andREva evaluation board with STR91xF and plenty Figure 2. STR9 Professional Developer kit of code samples to help users get started withperipherals such as Ethernet and USB. The development tools In-circuit debugger/programmer ­ in-circuitdebugging/programming tools feature the industrystandard JTAG application board interface andUSB connection to the host PC. Raisonance sRLink (in the STX-PRO/RAIS) is a versatile toolthat allows in-circuit debugging and programmingof a range of STMicrocontrollers from the 32-bitSTR7/9 to the 8-bit ST7 and uPSD families.Signum s JTAGjet (in the STR9-DK/RAIS),includes support for execution trace duringdebugging, so that users can take advantage of REva evaluation board (in the STR9-DK/RAIS) ­ the STR9 s Embedded Trace Macrocell. modular evaluation board designed to help users RIDE software ­ the unlimited version of the quickly evaluate a range of ST microcontrollers Raisonance integrated development environment, and device features. The motherboard provides drives both RLink and Signum s JTAGjet and general evaluation features including LEDs, push offers seamless control of software development buttons, switches, temperature sensor, tools (compiler, assembler, linker, debugger, etc.) potentiometer and interfaces for I2C, SPI and from an intuitive graphical interface. Fully UART. The daughterboard features specific integrates control of the GNU C/C++ compiler. components for the STR912FW4, including theMCU itself, ETM trace connector and Ethernet GNU C/C++ compiler ­ the unlimited, optimizing connector. Daughterboards are interchangeable C/C++ compiler for ARM core-based and plug into a standard SO-DIMM connector microcontrollers. found on all REva motherboards. June 2006 Rev 1 1/4 4 STRxxx-SK/RAIS Development tool key features In-circuit debugger/programmer Raisonance RLink (in STX-PRO/RAIS) USB host PC interface Industry standard JTAG application interface (20-pin) Note: RLink also includes ICC and JTAG connection adapters for in-circuit debugging/programming of 8-bit ST7 and uPSD microcontroller families. Signum JTAGjet (in STR9-DK/RAIS) USB host PC interface 2 Mbyte trace buffer

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