Part # AD5378 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD5378 32-Channel 14-Bit Parallel and Serial Input Bipolar Voltage Output DAC Data Sheet (REV. 0)

Part Details:

32-Channel, 14-Bit, Parallel and Serial Input, Bipolar Voltage Output DAC AD5378 FEATURES Interface options 32-channel DAC in 13 mm × 13 mm 108-lead CSPBGA Parallel interface Guaranteed monotonic to 14 bits DSP/microcontroller-compatible 3-wire serial interface Buffered voltage outputs 2.5 V to 5.5 V JEDEC-compliant digital levels Output voltage span of 3.5 V × V SDO daisy-chaining option REF(+) Maximum output voltage span of 17.5 V Power-on reset System calibration function allowing user-programmable Digital reset (RESET pin and soft reset function) offset and gain Pseudo differential outputs relative to REFGND APPLICATIONS Clear function to user-defined REFGND (CLR pin) Level setting in automatic test equipment (ATE) Simultaneous update of DAC outputs (LDAC pin) Variable optical attenuators (VOAs) DAC increment/decrement mode Optical switches Channel grouping and addressing features Industrial control systems FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM VCC VDD VSS AGND DGND LDAC VBIAS VREF1(+) VREF1(­) REFGND A1 POWER-ON AD5378 VBIAS RESET CLR RESET DCEN/WR INPUT DAC 14 14 14 14 SYNC/CS

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AD5378.pdf Datasheet