Part # LMH6609 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6609 900MHz Voltage Feedback Op Amp

Part Details:

LMH6609 August 2003 LMH6609 900MHz 900MHz Voltage Feedback Op AmpGeneral Description Features The LMH6609 is an ultra wideband, unity gain stable, low n 900MHz -3dB bandwidth (A = 1) V V power, voltage feedback op amp that offers 900MHz band- n Large signal bandwidth and slew rate 100% tested oltage width at a gain of 1, 1400V/µs slew rate and 90mA of linear n 280MHz -3dB bandwidth (A = +2, V = 2V ) V OUT PP output current. n 90mA linear output current The LMH6609 is designed with voltage feedback architec- n 1400V/µs slew rate ture for maximum flexibility especially for active filters and n Unity gain stable Feedback integrators. The LMH6609 has balanced, symmetrical inputs n <1mV input Offset voltage with well-matched bias currents and minimal offset voltage. n 7mA Supply current (no load) With Differential Gain of .01 and Differential Phase of .026 n 6V to 12V supply voltage range the LMH6609 is suited for video applications. The 90mA of n .01/ .026 differential gain/phase PAL linear output current makes the LMH6609 suitable for mul-tiple video loads and cable driving applications as well. n 3.1nV/ voltage noise n Improved replacement for CLC440, 420, 426 The recommended supply voltage range of 6V to 12V and is Op specified at 6.6 and 10V. A low supply current of 7mA (at 10Vsupply) makes the LMH6609 useful in a wide variety of Applications platforms, including portable or remote equipment that must n Test equipment Amp run from battery power. n IF/RF amplifier The LMH6609 is available in the industry standard 8-pin n A/D Input driver SOIC package and in the space-saving 5-pin SOT package. n Active filter The LMH6609 is specified for operation over the -40°C to

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