Part # Brief STEVAL-MKI013V1 LIS302DL datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Standard DIL 24 socket-compatible adapter board for testing the LIS302D

Part Details:

STEVAL-MKI013V1 Standard DIL 24 socket-compatible adapter board for testing the LIS302DL Data Brief Features Complete LIS302DL pinout in standard DIL 24 socket Description The STEVAL-MKI013V1 is an adapter board designed to allow the evaluation of the LIS302DL, a low-power 3-axis linear accelerometer with digital output. The adapter board offers an effective solution for fast system prototyping and device evaluation directly within the user s own application. STEVAL-MKI013V1 The STEVAL-MKI0013V1 is designed to be plugged into a standard DIL 24 socket. It provides the user with the complete LIS302DL pinout, and comes ready-to-use with the required decoupling capacitors on the Vdd power supply line. The pin out of the adapter is designed to be fully compatible with all other available adapter boards, making it possible to switch from one sensor to another easily during device evaluation without the need for board redesign. June 2008 Rev 1 1/4 For further information contact your local STMicroelectronics sales office. 4 Circuit schematic STEVAL-MKI013V1 1 Circuit schematic Figure 1. Schematic diagram P01 + C1 C2 100nF 10uF P13 0P2 14 LIS302DL JP1 JP2 P01 P24 SCL 1 24 P02 P23 P02 1 13 P21 2 23 Vdd_IO SDA P03 P22 3

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Brief STEVAL-MKI013V1 LIS302DL.pdf Datasheet