Part # Application Note Power Supply And Power Management L6386 AN1315 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: L6386: 3-phase demo board

Part Details:

AN1315 APPLICATION NOTE L6386: 3-PHASE DEMO BOARD by G.P. Meloncelli Product Description The 3-Phase Demo Board is a reference kit for evaluation and design with the high voltage gate driver L6386.User must only provide the logical signals and the power supplies. The kit make easy to test the driver capabilitywith different power switches and can be used as reference design for a power stage of a 3-phase motor drive. The bemf and the hall sensors sensing circuitry allow the user to run brush-less motor like induction or perma-nent magnet motor, unless adding other components but providing only the logic level control signals. System Features s High power motor drive capability (300V-3 Amps or 7Amps depending on the power switches) s Inrush current limitation s On board temperature protection s Linear current feedback s Overload current protection s Bemf and Hall Effect sensor build-in supply circuit January 2001 1/22 AN1315 APPLICATION NOTE Main Information PARAMETER VALUE COMMENTS POWER INPUTS High voltage Bus 0-300V High voltage continuous power supply Current 3A (default) Changing the power switch and the sense resistors value is possible to manage currents up to 7Amp. (STGP7NB 60HD) POWER OUTPUTS Line to line output Voltage 0-300V Low side maximum current 4.75A +/- 10% The user can set different values of current limitation acting on a resistor divider (According to the power switch used). AUXILIARY SUPPLY Vcc 12.5V-17V Vdd 0V -5V CONTROL INPUTS Hin1/Lin1/Hin2/Lin2/Hin3/Lin3 0-Vcc CMOS level Shut Down Input 0-Vdd CMOS level -Active low- CONTROL OUTPUTS Bemf output pins 0-5.1V If JP16/ JP18/JP19 are short circuited BemfR / BemfS / BemfT 0-300V If JP16/ JP18/JP19 are open Hall sensor output pins

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