Part # Data Brief TDA7528 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: AM/FM car radio Front-End receiver for IF sampling tuners

Part Details:

TDA7528 AM/FM car radio Front-End receiver for IF sampling tuners Data Brief Feature summary High-performance AM/FM front-end chip for if sampling car-radio tuners Compatible with AM (LW, MW, SW) / FM (EU, US, JAPAN, OIRT) / WEATHER BAND / HD radio / DRM applications Ready for multi-tuner applications (phase LQFP64 diversity, background tuner) Image rejection FM mixer with dual input specialized for different front-end circuits Integrated AM preamplifier and tank for lower- The system is designed to be single super- cost applications heterodyne with an intermediate frequency of Image rejection AM mixer 10.7 MHz. The IF signal is digitized, filtered and Fully integrated fractional tuning PLL with two demodulated in the appropriate STA3005 V backend IC. CO s for diversity systems world tuning-capable The combination of two independently-operating frontends with the STA3005 backend makes DDA Integrated if tank (Digital Directional Antenna) operation possible or If amplifier with agc with four inputs for the simultaneous reception of two freely- connection of up to four ceramic filters selectable frequencies with any combination of Fully electronically adjustable types of demodulation. I2C /SPI controlled The TDA7528 frontend IMR mixer has separate input and output stages for AM frequency bands Description up to 30MHz (narrowband services) and for FM frequencies above 30MHz (broadband signals). The TDA7528 is a frontend module for use in car As an option, the AM path can be operated with radio receivers on the 50kHz - 108MHz and an integrated preamplifier stage and an integrated 161MHz - 163 MHz frequency bands. Its field of low-pass filter to reduce interfering input signals use includes all the current radio broadcast on the IF and image frequencies. The FM mixer services worldwide for AM radio (long, medium has two inputs: the more sensitive (lower noise) and short wave), FM radio (US, European, input is intended for use with a low-gain, passive Japanese and OIRT bands) and US weather pre-selection stage; the second input is intended band. Digital standards such as DRM and HD for use with an active preamplifier stage yielding a radio (IBOC) can also be handled.

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Data Brief TDA7528.pdf Datasheet