Part # LM2506 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2506 Low Power Mobile Pixel Link (MPL) Level 0, 18-bit RGB Display Interface Serializer and Deserializer

Part Details:

Deserializer LM2506 August 2006 Low LM2506Low Power Mobile Pixel Link (MPL) Level 0, 18-bit RGB Power Display Interface Serializer and DeserializerGeneral Description Features Mobile The LM2506 device adapts RGB style display interfaces to n RGB Display Interface support up to the Mobile Pixel Link (MPL) Level zero serial link. The 800 x 300 1/2SVGA formats LM2506 supports one RGB display at up to 18-bit color n MPL-Level 0 Physical Layer using two data and one depth and 800 X 300 pixels (over 216 Mbps and 13.2 MHz clock signal PCLK) is supported. A mode pin configures the device as a n Low Power Consumption Pixel Serializer (SER) or Deserializer (DES) so the same chip can n Pinout mirroring enables straight through layout with be used on both sides of the interface. minimal vias The interconnect is reduced from 22 signals to only 3 active n Level translation between host and display signals with the LM2506 chipset easing flex interconnect n Auto Power Down on STOP PCLK Link design, size constraints and cost. n Link power down mode reduces quiescent power The LM2506 in SER mode resides beside an application, under < 10 µA graphics or baseband processor and translates a parallel n 1.74V to 2.0V core / analog supply voltage range (MPL) bus from LVCMOS levels to serial Mobile Pixel Link levels for n 1.74V to 3.0V I/O supply voltage range transmission over a flex cable (or coax) and PCB traces to n -30C to 85C Operating temperature range the DES located near the display module. When the Power_Down (PD*) input is asserted on the SER, System Benefits the MDn and MC line drivers are powered down to save Level current. The DES can be controlled by a separate Power- n Small Interface _Down input or via a signal from the SER (PD ). n Low Power OUT* The LM2506 implements the physical layer of the MPL Level n Low EMI 0 Standard (MPL-0) and a 150 µA I current (Class 0). n Intrinsic Level Translation

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