Part # MAX3882 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX3882 82A DS

Part Details:

19-2718; Rev 1; 11/05 2.488Gbps/2.67Gbps 1:4 Demultiplexer with Clock and Data Recovery and Limiting Amplifier MAX3882/MAX3882A General Description Features The MAX3882 is a deserializer combined with clock No Reference Clock Required for Data Acquisition and data recovery and limiting amplifier ideal for con- Input Data Rates: 2.488Gbps or 2.67Gbps verting 2.488Gbps/2.67Gbps serial data to 4-bit-wide,622Mbps/667Mbps parallel data for SDH/SONET appli- Fully Integrated Clock and Data Recovery with cations. The device accepts serial NRZ input data as Limiting Amplifier and 1:4 Demultiplexer low as 10mVP-P of 2.488Gbps/2.67Gbps and generates Parallel Output Rate: 622Mbps/667Mbps four parallel LVDS data outputs at 622Mbps/667Mbps. Differential Input Range: 10mVP-P to 1.6VP-P with- Included is an additional high-speed serial data input out Threshold Adjust for system loopback diagnostic testing. For data acqui-sition, the MAX3882 does not require an external refer- Differential Input Range: 50mVP-P to 600mVP-P ence clock. However, if needed, the loopback input with Threshold Adjust can be connected to an external reference clock of 0.65UI High-Frequency Jitter Tolerance 155MHz/167MHz or 622MHz/667MHz to maintain a Loss-of-Lock (LOL) Indicator valid clock output in the absence of input data transi-tions. Additionally, a TTL-compatible loss-of-lock output Wide Input Threshold Adjust Range: ±170mV is provided. The device provides a vertical threshold Maintain Valid Clock Output in Absence of Data adjustment to compensate for optical noise generated Transitions by EDFAs in WDM transmission systems. The MAX3882 System Loopback Input Available for System operates from a single +3.3V supply and consumes Diagnostic Testing 610mW. The MAX3882A operates at 2.488Gbps only. Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C The MAX3882 s jitter performance exceeds all SDH/SONET specifications. The device is available in a 6mm Low Power Dissipation: 610mW at +3.3V 6mm 36-pin QFN package. Ordering Information Applications PIN- PKG SDH/SONET Receivers SDH/SONET Test PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE CODE and Regenerators Equipment

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