Part # MAX5952 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5952 DS

Part Details:

19-0858; Rev 0; 7/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE High-Power, Quad, PSE Controller for Power-Over-Ethernet MAX5952 General Description Features The MAX5952 is a quad -48V power controller o IEEE 802.3af Compliant/Pre-IEEE 802.3at designed for use in IEEE® 802.3af-compliant/pre-IEEE Compatible 802.3at-compatible power-sourcing equipment (PSE).This device provides powered device (PD) discovery, o Instantaneous Readout of Port Current Through classification, current limit, DC and AC load disconnect I2C Interface detections in compliance with the IEEE 802.3af stan-dard. The MAX5952 is pin compatible with MAX5945/ o High-Power Mode Enables Up to 45W Per Port LTC4258/LTC4259A PSE controllers and provides addi- o High-Capacitance Detection for Legacy Devices tional features. o Pin Compatible to MAX5945 and The MAX5952 features high-power mode that providesup to 45W per port. The MAX5952 provides instanta- LTC4258/LTC4259A neous readout of each port current through the I2C inter- o Four Independent Power-Switch Controllers face. The MAX5952 also provides high-capacitancedetection for legacy PDs. o PD Detection and Classification The device features an I2C-compatible, 3-wire serial inter- o Load-Stability Safety Check During Detection face, and is fully software configurable and programma-ble. The class-overcurrent detection function enables o Supports Both DC and AC Load Removal system power management to detect if a PD draws more Detections than the allowable current. The MAX5952 s extensive pro- o I2C-Compatible, 3-Wire Serial Interface grammability enhances system flexibility, enables fielddiagnosis, and allows for uses in other applications. o Current Foldback and Duty-Cycle-Controlled The MAX5952 provides four operating modes to suit dif- Current Limit ferent system requirements. Auto mode allows the device o Open-Drain INT Signal to operate automatically without any software supervision.Semi-automatic mode automatically detects and classi- o Direct Fast Shutdown Control Capability fies a device connected to a port after initial software acti-vation, but does not power up that port until instructed toby software. Manual mode allows total software control ofthe device and is useful for system diagnostics. Ordering Information Shutdown mode terminates all activities and securelyturns off power to the ports. PIN- PKG PART TEMP RANGE The MAX5952 provides input undervoltage lockout PACKAGE CODE (UVLO), input undervoltage detection, a load-stability

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