Part # MAX8655 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8655 DS

Part Details:

19-3982; Rev 0; 10/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Highly Integrated, 25A, Wide-Input, Internal MOSFET, Step-Down Regulator MAX8655 General Description Features The MAX8655 synchronous-PWM buck regulator oper- o 25A Output Current ates from a 4.5V to 25V input and generates an output o Integrated Power MOSFETs voltage adjustable from 0.7V to 5.5V at loads up to 25A.Integrated power MOSFETs provide a small footprint, o Operates from 4.5V to 25V Supply ease of layout, and reduced EMI. Removing the board o 1% FB Voltage Accuracy Over Temperature trace inductances ensures the highest efficiency athigh frequency. o Adjustable Output Voltage Down to 0.7V The MAX8655 uses peak current-mode control architec- o Adjustable Switching Frequency and External ture with an adjustable (200kHz to 1MHz), constant- Synchronization from 200kHz to 1MHz switching frequency, which is externally synchronizable. o Multiphase Operation with Accurate Current The MAX8655 s adjustable current limit uses the induc- Sharing tor s DC resistance to improve efficiency or an externalsense resistor for higher accuracy. Foldback type cur- o 180° Phase-Shifted Synchronization rent limit is available to reduce the power dissipation o Adjustable Overcurrent Limit under severe-overload or short-circuit conditions. A ref-erence input is provided for use with a high-accuracy o Adjustable Slope Compensation external reference or for DDR and tracking applications. o Selectable Current-Limit Mode: Latch-Off or Monotonic startup provides safe starting into a prebi- Automatic Recovery ased output, where traditional step-down regulators o Monotonic Output Voltage Rise at Startup into discharge the output capacitor during soft-start, creat- Prebias Output ing a negative voltage at the output and possibly dam-aging the load. o Output Sources and Sinks Current for DDR A 180° out-of-phase synchronization output is available Applications for synchronizing with another MAX8655. o Enable Input An enable input is provided for on/off control and to o Power-OK (POK) Output facilitate output sequencing. Output-voltage sensing for o Adjustable Soft-Start programmable overvoltage protection is provided andis independent of the feedback network to further o Independently Adjustable Overvoltage Protection enhance the output overvoltage protection. Typical Operating Circuit Overall, the MAX8655 provides enough flexibility for theexperienced user, as well as simplicity and ease of usefor non-power-supply engineers.

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