Part # BDX33B BDX33C BDX34B BDX34C datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

BDX33B BDX33C ® BDX34B BDX34C COMPLEMENTARY SILICON POWER DARLINGTON TRANSISTORS DESCRIPTION The BDX33B and BDX33C are siliconEpitaxial-Base NPN power transistors inmonolithic Darlington configuration mounted inJedec TO-220 plastic package. They are intentedfor use in power linear and switching applications.The complementary PNP types are BDX34B andBDX34C respectively. 3 2 1 TO-220 INTERNAL SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM R1 Typ. = 10 K R2 Typ. = 150 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Parameter Unit NPN BDX33B BDX33C PNP BDX34B BDX34C VCBO Collector-Base Voltage (IE = 0) 80 100 V VCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage (IB = 0) 80 100 V IC Collector Current 10 A ICM Collector Peak Current 15 A IB Base Current 0.25 A Ptot Total Dissipation at Tc 25 oC 70 W Tstg Storage Temperature -65 to 150 o C Tj Max. Operating Junction Temperature 150

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