Part # MAX2034 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX2034 DS

Part Details:

19-3969; Rev 1; 3/07 Quad-Channel, Ultra-Low-Noise Amplifier with Digitally Programmable Input Impedance MAX2034 General Description Features The MAX2034 four-channel, low-power, ultra-low-noise High-Level Integration of 4 Channels preamplifier is designed for ultrasound and medical Digitally Programmable Input Impedance (RIN) of instrumentation applications. Each low-noise amplifier 50, 100, 200, and 1k has a single-ended input, differential output, a highly Integrated Input Clamp accurate 19dB fixed gain, and a wide -3dB bandwidth Integrated Input-Damping Capacitor of 70MHz. The high-gain accuracy of the amplifier Ultra-Low 2.2dB Noise Figure at RS = RIN = 200 allows for exceptional channel-to-channel gain match- 70MHz, -3dB Bandwidth ing, which is necessary for high-performance ultra- sound-imaging applications. The MAX2034 also Low 58mW/Channel Power Dissipation includes an on-chip programmable input impedance HD2 of -68dBc at VOUT = 1VP-P and fIN = 5MHz for feature that allows the device to be compatible with a Exceptional Second Harmonic Imaging variety of common source impedances ranging from Performance 50 to 1k. The input impedance of each amplifier Two-Tone Ultrasound-Specific* IMD3 of -55dBc at uses a feedback topology for active impedance match- VOUT = 1VP-P and fIN = 5MHz for Exceptional ing. The active input impedance matching feature PW/CW Doppler Performance achieves an exceptionally low 2.2dB noise figure with a Quick Large-Signal Overload Recovery source and input impedance of 200. Single +5V Supply Operation The MAX2034 has excellent dynamic and linearity per- Sleep Mode formance characteristics optimized for all ultrasound-imaging modalities including second harmonic 2Dimaging and continuous wave Doppler. The device Applications achieves a second harmonic distortion of -68dBc at Ultrasound Imaging VOUT = 1VP-P and fIN = 5MHz, and an ultrasound-spe-cific* two-tone third-order intermodulation distortion per- Sonar Signal Amplification formance of -55dBc at VOUT = 1VP-P and fIN = 5MHz.The MAX2034 is also optimized for quick overloadrecovery for operation under the large input signal con-ditions typically found in ultrasound input-buffer imag- Pin Configuration ing applications. The MAX2034 is available in a 48-pin thin QFN pack- TOP VIEW age with an exposed paddle. Electrical performance is OUT1+

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