Part # LM628 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM628 LM629 Precision Motion Controller

Part Details:

LM628/LM629 January 2003 LM628/LM629Precision Motion Controller Precision General Description Features The LM628/LM629 are dedicated motion-control processors n 32-bit position, velocity, and acceleration registers designed for use with a variety of DC and brushless DC n Programmable digital PID filter with 16-bit coefficients servo motors, and other servomechanisms which provide a n Programmable derivative sampling interval quadrature incremental position feedback signal. The parts n 8- or 12-bit DAC output data (LM628) perform the intensive, real-time computational tasks required n 8-bit sign-magnitude PWM output data (LM629) Motion for high performance digital motion control. The host control n Internal trapezoidal velocity profile generator software interface is facilitated by a high-level command set.The LM628 has an 8-bit output which can drive either an n Velocity, target position, and filter parameters may be changed during motion 8-bit or a 12-bit DAC. The components required to build aservo system are reduced to the DC motor/actuator, an n Position and velocity modes of operation incremental encoder, a DAC, a power amplifier, and the n Real-time programmable host interrupts Controller LM628. An LM629-based system is similar, except that it n 8-bit parallel asynchronous host interface provides an 8-bit PWM output for directly driving H-switches. n Quadrature incremental encoder interface with index The parts are fabricated in NMOS and packaged in a 28-pin pulse input dual in-line package or a 24-pin surface mount package n Available in a 28-pin dual in-line package or a 24-pin (LM629 only). Both 6 MHz and 8 MHz maximum frequency surface mount package (LM629 only) versions are available with the suffixes -6 and -8, respec-tively, used to designate the versions. They incorporate anSDA core processor and cells designed by SDA. 00921901 FIGURE 1. Block Diagram TRISTATE&® is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation. © 2003 National Semiconductor Corporation DS009219 Connection Diagrams LM628N LM629N LM629M LM628/LM629 00921921 00921902 00921903 *Do not connect. Order Number LM629M-6, LM629M-8, LM628N-6, LM628N-8, LM629N-6 or LM629N-8

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