Part # LM4888 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM4888 Boomer ® Audio Power Amplifier Series Dual 2.1W Audio Amplifier Plus Stereo Headphone & 3D Enhancement

Part Details:

LM4888 March 2006 Dual LM4888Dual 2.1W Audio Amplifier Plus Stereo Headphone & 3D 2.1W EnhancementGeneral Description Key Specifications Audio The LM4888 is a dual bridge-connected audio power ampli- j P at 1% THD+N, V = 5V O DD fier which, when connected to a 5V supply, will deliver 2.1Wto a 4 load (Note 1) or 2.4W to a 3 load (Note 2) with less R = 3 2.4W (typ) L than 1.0% THD+N. R = 4 2.1W (typ) L Amplifier A user selectable "National 3D Enhancement" mode pro- R = 8 1.3W (typ) L vides enhanced stereo imaging. j Single-ended mode THD+N 0.01% (typ) The LM4888SQ also has two separate HP (headphone) at 75mW into 32 (5V, 1kHz) enable inputs, each having different logic level thresholds. j Shutdown current 0.04µA (typ) Either HP enable input activates the single ended head-phone mode and disables the BTL output mode. The HP j Supply voltage range 2.7V to 5.5V Plus Sense input is for use with a normal stereo headphone jack. j PSRR at 217Hz 85dB (typ) The remaining input, HP Logic, accepts standard logic levelthresholds. Features Boomer audio power amplifiers were designed specifically to Stereo provide high quality output power from a surface mount n National 3D Enhancement package while requiring few external components. To sim- n Selectable headphone enable modes plify audio system design, the LM4888SQ combines dual n Stereo headphone amplifier mode bridge speaker amplifiers and stereo headphone amplifiers n Improved "click and pop" suppression circuitry on one chip. Headphone

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