Part # VNB20N07 VNV20N07 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: ¨Omnifetˇ: fully autoprotected Power MOSF

Part Details:

VNP20N07FI ® VNB20N07/VNV20N07 "OMNIFET": FULLY AUTOPROTECTED POWER MOSFET TYPE Vclamp RDS(on) Ilim VNP20N07FI 70 V 0.05 20 A VNB20N07 70 V 0.05 20 A VNV20N07 70 V 0.05 20 A s LINEAR CURRENT LIMITATION s THERMAL SHUT DOWN ISOWATT220 s SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION 3 2 s INTEGRATED CLAMP 1 s LOW CURRENT DRAWN FROM INPUT PIN s DIAGNOSTIC FEEDBACK THROUGH INPUTPIN s ESD PROTECTION s DIRECT ACCESS TO THE GATE OF THEPOWER MOSFET (ANALOG DRIVING) 10 3 s COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD POWER 1 1 MOSFET D2PAK PowerSO-10 DESCRIPTION TO-263 The VNP20N07FI, VNB20N07 and VNV20N07are monolithic devices made usingSTMicroelectronics VlPower M0 Technology,intended for replacement of standard powerMOSFETS in DC to 50 KHz applications. Built-in enviroments. thermal shut-down, linear current limitation and

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VNB20N07 VNV20N07.pdf Datasheet