Part # TDA7497 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: 10W+10W+10W/18W triple amplifier

Part Details:

TDA7497 10W+10W+10W/18W TRIPLE AMPLIFIER s 10+10W (RL = 8) + 18W ( RL = 4) or 10+10+10W ( RL = 8) MULTIPOWER BI50II TECHNOLOGY OUTPUT POWER @THD = 10%, Vcc = 26V s INDEPENDENT MUTE FOR CENTER CHANNEL AND MAIN CHANNELS s NO TURN-ON TURN-OFF POP NOISE s NO BOUCHEROT CELL s SINGLE SUPPLY RANGING UP TO 35V s SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION s THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTION Multiwatt15 s INTERNALLY FIXED GAIN ORDERING NUMBER: TDA7497 s SOFT CLIPPING s MULTIWATT 15 PACKAGE DESCRIPTION The TDA7497 is a triple 10+10+10/18W class AB TV applications. power amplifier assembled in the @ Multiwatt 15 Features of the TDA7497 include mute functions, in- package, specially designed for high quality sound, dependently controller for main and center channels. BLOCK DIAGRAM +VS VS_C C11 C9 2 0.1µF 1000µF PW_GND VS 11 13 C1 C10 1 C8 1000µF 0.1µF INR + 14 470nF - OUTR 30K S_GND OP AMP C12 1µF 8 S1 MUTE2 (CENTER)

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TDA7497.pdf Datasheet